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Maths can be challenging, even for those who have shown to be particularly adept. We all need support sometimes, especially when taking our GCSEs. Whatever your skillset or abilities, it is important to feel like you are being supported. That’s why at Mr Singh’s Tuition we make it our mission to ensure ever single tutee achieves their best. For GCSE maths tuition in Birmingham, look no further than Mr Singh’s Tuition to provide the highest quality support available.

Our maths course is aligned with the National Curriculum, whilst also seeking to match the requirements of the tutee in regard to teaching style and delivery. We believe that no child deserves to be left behind, and thus ensure each one of our students feels as though their needs are met. Along with excellent tuition, we also believe in installing a winning attitude within our tutees, something they can take with them long after their academic career.

Other Courses

Along with GCSE maths tuition in Birmingham, we offer GCSE English and 11 plus tuition from our centres in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. As we understand that many tutees prefer to learn at home, we also offer online tuition.

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Explore GCSE English Tuition

matter where skills or abilities lie, extra support can go a long way. This is especially the case at Mr Singh’s Tuition, where we go above and beyond to ensure the skills that we promote last far beyond any academic career. For GCSE English tuition in Birmingham, look no further than Mr Singh’s Tuition.

Our courses are structured in line with the National Curriculum, along with the needs and requirements of our tutees. We believe that nobody deserves to be left behind, and as such tailor our courses to meet the abilities of our students so that they are able to get the most out of them as individuals.

In Person or Online

We are able to deliver our GCSE English tuition in person from our centres in Birmingham or Wolverhampton. We also understand that some tutees may find it more productive learning from home, and thus offer online tuition for those that would prefer this method. Either way, the quality of our tuition remains the same throughout, proven to get results. Don’t cut any corners and choose Mr Singh’s Tuition today.

Winning Attitude

As touched upon, we go above and beyond the call of duty at Mr Singh’s Tuition. Promoting a winning attitude amongst all our tutees is incredibly important to us, not only in an academic sense but going out into the world. We all deserve to get the best that we can out of life, and if we are happy to instil this belief whilst providing GCSE English tuition in Birmingham.

Mr Singh’s Tuition

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11 plus Tuition

Your Local 11 Plus Tutor in Birmingham

The 11 plus exam can be a daunting, unsure process for any child looking to get into grammar school, especially if they don’t have the right level of support available to them. Luckily, Mr Singh’s tuition specialised in providing bespoke, tailored 11 plus tuition in the Birmingham and surrounding areas. With years of experience teaching, tutoring, and delivering results, it is no wonder that Mr Singh comes so highly recommended.

As an 11 plus tutor in Birmingham with a range of experience, Mr Singh is able to tap into a variety of pedagogies, or teaching strategies, in order to help support the learning of children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. This ensures that no matter the academic needs of your child, after an initial consultation Mr Singh will be able to help your child achieve their potential.

Maths and English

Along with 11 plus tuition in Birmingham, Mr Singh is also equipped to offer English and Maths tuition from Reception up to GCSE. As a former head of maths at an outstanding primary school, Mr Singh is proud to be able to spread his expertise across the West Midlands area.

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Welcome to Mr Singh’s Blog


Mr Singh is an experienced and knowledgeable private tutor, with a focus on GCSE Maths, GSCE English and 11 plus tuition in Birmingham, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. This marks the first in what will be a series of blogs looking into the latest news and services from Mr Singh’s Tuition.

Mr Singh

As you might expect, Mr Singh’s Tuition was founded by Mr Singh. After realising his ability to provide children with the highest quality education possible, Mr Singh decided to move from his outstanding primary school and spread his knowledge & passion for education across the West Midlands.

Mr Singh’s teaching experience led him to develop several strategies and pedagogies that benefit children of all abilities. Whether your child will begin their tutoring in person or online, you can rest assured that Mr Singh is a seasoned professional able to support them over whatever academic hurdles they may come across.

11 Plus Specialisation

From centres in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, Mr Singh’s Tuition can provide specialist tuition for the 11 plus exam, as well as both English and Maths for all children from Reception up to GCSE. Get in touch for a free, no obligation assessment and help your child achieve their potential.

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