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The 11 plus exam can be a daunting, unsure process for any child looking to get into grammar school, especially if they don’t have the right level of support available to them. Luckily, Mr Singh’s tuition specialised in providing bespoke, tailored 11 plus tuition in the Birmingham and surrounding areas. With years of experience teaching, tutoring, and delivering results, it is no wonder that Mr Singh comes so highly recommended.

As an 11 plus tutor in Birmingham with a range of experience, Mr Singh is able to tap into a variety of pedagogies, or teaching strategies, in order to help support the learning of children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. This ensures that no matter the academic needs of your child, after an initial consultation Mr Singh will be able to help your child achieve their potential.

Maths and English

Along with 11 plus tuition in Birmingham, Mr Singh is also equipped to offer English and Maths tuition from Reception up to GCSE. As a former head of maths at an outstanding primary school, Mr Singh is proud to be able to spread his expertise across the West Midlands area.

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Welcome to Mr Singh’s Blog


Mr Singh is an experienced and knowledgeable private tutor, with a focus on GCSE Maths, GSCE English and 11 plus tuition in Birmingham, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. This marks the first in what will be a series of blogs looking into the latest news and services from Mr Singh’s Tuition.

Mr Singh

As you might expect, Mr Singh’s Tuition was founded by Mr Singh. After realising his ability to provide children with the highest quality education possible, Mr Singh decided to move from his outstanding primary school and spread his knowledge & passion for education across the West Midlands.

Mr Singh’s teaching experience led him to develop several strategies and pedagogies that benefit children of all abilities. Whether your child will begin their tutoring in person or online, you can rest assured that Mr Singh is a seasoned professional able to support them over whatever academic hurdles they may come across.

11 Plus Specialisation

From centres in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, Mr Singh’s Tuition can provide specialist tuition for the 11 plus exam, as well as both English and Maths for all children from Reception up to GCSE. Get in touch for a free, no obligation assessment and help your child achieve their potential.

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